About Josiah Launstein

When Josiah was seven, he started becoming more and more interested in photographing wildlife like his big sister (Jenaya) and dad (John). He always wanted to tag along on outings into the Alberta wilderness and have his own system in tow. John’s philosophy of teaching photographic skills to his kids is to coach them in the basics and turn them loose to develop their own eye and style, learning through trial and error with lots of encouraging but constructive feedback. That means after establishing the foundation of exposure, composition and field techniques, Josiah has been “on his own” to find the camera angle that he likes best of a chosen subject, the lens he wants to use, and the camera settings he thinks would best capture the image he has in mind.

In 2012 Josiah captured an incredible image of a bald eagle banking in flight that was nearly exceptional–his only mistake was not bumping up to a sufficiently-fast shutter speed to freeze the eagle’s unexpected increased speed as it accelerated on the pivot. He had been nailing shots as a pair of eagles flew by searching the river below for fish, and was surprised and disappointed when he had come so close to getting his best shot to date but just missed it. John still remembers Josiah looking through his pictures on the back of the camera on the drive home and asking, “What do I have to do so that never happens again?”

And so began a young photographer’s quest to truly learn his craft and return from the field with the best images his growing skill-set could capture. Like his dad and sisters Jenaya and Marlise, he joined the Nature Photographers Network and began submitting images for critique to learn from the many outstanding photographers who contribute to the community there.

In 2014, Josiah made the decision to begin submitting his photography into select competitions, and had six of the seven images he submitted to the prestigious NHM/BBC Wildlife Photography of the Year competition selected as finalists. Although he did not win an award in 2014, it was a remarkable accomplishment, and a great way to start his fledgling career!

Josiah closed the year by entering the 2014 Outdoor Photographer of the Year competition, and in early January 2015 learned that eight of his ten submitted images were shortlisted! One week later Josiah received the most exciting news of his young life in photography so far: he had been named the 2014 Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year!

Josiah has since gone onto have images selected as winners or finalists in every competition he has entered in 2015, 2016 and 2017, including the NHM Wildlife Photography of the Year, Bird Photographer of the Year and Por el Planeta competitions as well as the Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards.

In October, 2015, the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition put on by the Natural History Museum in the U.K. and BBC Wildlife announced that two of Josiah’s images had been awarded and selected as being in the top-100 images from the 42,000+ submitted from 96 countries. “Snowy Snowy” and “Goose Attack” are featured in their highly-regarded Portfolio and have been exhibited in top museums & galleries in more than 70 countries.

Then, just as the Launsteins were preparing to open their Wildlife Art Gallery in the Crowsnest Pass in southwestern Alberta, Josiah learned that his favourite camera company, Nikon, had discovered him and wanted to create a short film about him and his wildlife and conservation photography! John and Josiah travelled to Thailand for two weeks of film production work and nature photography in July and August of 2016, and Nikon Asia released the main film, “Neighbours – I AM MORE THAN YOU EXPECT” and a behind-the-scenes “Making Of” feature in December, 2016. The film quickly rose to over 2 million views on Nikon Asia’s YouTube channel alone, making it “one of our most loved films to date!” You can view the main film and “Making Of” feature below, and click here to learn more about Josiah’s Thailand adventure.

Now twelve, Josiah is obviously early into his life as a nature photographer, but is growing in his vision and abilities constantly.

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In addition to Josiah’s own Fine Art Limited Edition and Open Edition prints and canvases, the Launsteins are releasing a series of father-daughter, father-son, and family collections, pairing select images from John, Jenaya and Josiah in beautiful matched limited-edition print sets. Please contact us directly to inquire about limited-edition prints from Josiah and our new family sets!

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Josiah Launstein Feature in ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) Magazine on Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards and his Wildlife Photography

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) Magazine feature and interview with Josiah on his wildlife photography and success in the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Nikon behind-the-scenes feature with Josiah and John Launstein

Nikon produced a short film on then-11yr old Josiah’s passion for wildlife and conservation photography entitled, “Nikon: Neighbours – I AM MORE THAN YOU EXPECT” in December, 2016. Here’s the more candid “Making Of” feature with commentary from Josiah, John (Josiah’s dad) and the film’s Director. Be sure to switch to full-screen and HD setting for optimal viewing…and of course watch the official film too (below the “Making Of” video).

Nikon film on Josiah and his wildlife and conservation photography

Things You Might Not Know About Josiah

Favourite subject to photograph: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Favourite location to photograph: Yellowstone National Park

Favourite food to eat while photographing: Five Guys Burgers and Fries (or most any other quality burger so long as bacon is involved)

If I wasn’t a wildlife photographer I would be: an NHL hockey player, or a sports photographer

Awards & Recognitions

  • Awarded (2 images) – 2015 NHM/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Young Competition
  • Overall Winner – 2014 Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year, with another 7 images selected as finalists in the competition
  • Highly Commended – 2016 Bird Photographer of the Year
  • Specially Commended – 2015 Por el Planeta conservation photography competition
  • Finalist (8 images) – 2016 Outdoor Photographer of the Year (final results pending)
  • Finalist (4 images) – 2016 NHM/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Young Competition
  • Finalist (2 images) – 2016 Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards
  • Finalist (5 images) – 2015 NHM/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Young Competition
  • Finalist – 2015 Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards
  • Finalist (3 images) – 2015 Outdoor Photographer of the Year
  • Finalist (7 of 8 submitted images) – 2014 NHM/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Young Competition

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