Jenaya’s Favourite Images from 2014

2014 may have officially been “The Year of the Horse,” but for Jenaya it seems to have been the year of the fox! Four of our favourite images from her this year were images of red foxes, and she covered the whole family unit to boot with beautiful portraits of both male and female foxes and numerous captures of adorable kits. In fact, it was hard to narrow just Jenaya’s fox pictures down to ten, let alone the four presented here!

It’s even harder to pick Jenaya’s top image of 2014, but for me (Jenaya’s dad), I’d have to go with the spectacular “ramscape” shown here.

Jenaya, Josiah and I found a gorgeous bighorn ram grazing on the side of a steep mountain valley early this summer, and we each chose different angles and perspectives and settled in as he put on a veritable modeling show for us. I was surprised when midway through our “session” with this guy I saw Jenaya take off the 300mm f/2.8 lens she had been shooting with and replace it with a 50mm. When I inquired, she said, “just in case he goes up on that rocky outcropping over there.” Yeah, right, I thought. He’s just going to leave the grass he’s enjoying so much and walk over there and stand on top of a rock overlooking the valley, for no reason but to pose for you and make your day.

Well, he did, and she took full advantage of the moment, capturing several frames that are just fantastic “animalscape” images showing this handsome bighorn ram in its jaw-droppingly beautiful environment.

For me, the resulting image is one of her all-time best and is made even more special because of the vision she demonstrated in thinking through the potential for the moment at hand.

It’s nice to have someone in the field with you to keep you humble, and my daughter certainly fulfills that role and more when we are out together…she just absolutely nails the shot time and time again.

We hope you enjoy this selection of ten of our favourite images of the year. If you haven’t dropped by and checked out our favourites from Josiah (now age 10) or myself, please do!

You can click either the thumbnail or preview image to view larger, and can scroll through the full gallery that way as well.

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