A Great Grey Owlet (Strix nebulosa) takes a break from flight school as the day comes to and end in a boreal forest in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in western Alberta. NOTE THIS IS A WILD SCENE: NO BAIT WAS USED AND THE OWL WAS NOT MANIPULATED IN ANY WAY.

My dad, my sisters and I went on a hike in the foothills and found a group of Great Grey Owlets practicing their flying. We had been photographing this owl’s siblings when we decided to go a bit deeper into the forest before we lost the last bit of sunlight. We never even saw this guy until we almost walked right into him! We quietly retreated to a distance he would be more comfortable with and each of us got some great shots as the sunlight faded. I couldn’t believe he perched with his head right in one of the last rays of light! We all thanked him quiety many times over as we left him to the evening.

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