Marlise Named to the Top-100 of the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards

Marlise, now 16, is our official Artist-in-Residence at the Launstein home. OK, maybe it’s not an official position, but there’s no question this girl is a pure artist irrespective of medium. Although her primary focus has moved from photography to drawing over the past several years, she’s even more skillful than ever when she’s behind the lens.

This was proven over and over again during our recent owl and waterfowl photography trip to British Columbia, but it also just got some pretty heady outside confirmation. After a 4-year break from participating in photography competitions, Marlise entered a few of her favourite bird photographs into the huge international 2016 Audubon Photography Awards this spring.

Marlise Launstein's picture of a Great Grey Owl holiding its prey

Deadly Hunter – A Great Grey Owl picks up a mouse it has just killed before lifting off to find a quiet spot in the forest to enjoy its meal. Please note this owl, like ALL our owl images, is a wild owl that was not baited, called, lured in or manipulated in any way.

Before long, we received an email from the Audubon Society informing us that one of Marlise’s submitted images, Deadly Hunter, had made it through to the final round of judging. After sending in the required full-resolution and original files, we waited anxiously to learn the results. On April 21st, the Audubon Society announced the winners of the 2016 competition, and we learned that Marlise’s Great Grey Owl had been named to the Top-100 images of the entire competition including all Professional, Amateur and Youth entries. You can view the Top-100 Gallery on the Audubon Society’s website here.

Click here to learn more about the story behind this remarkable image or to inquire about purchasing an Open Edition print.

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