Getting together with other top young conservation photographers…

We had the privilege of being joined by top young photographers Josh Burch Photography (UK) and Ashleigh Scully Photography (US) recently for a whirlwind tour of SW Alberta! Despite the compressed time, we still logged 14 bears on our day with them including grizzly, black, brown and cinnamon-phased black bears, and even a special spotting of a nearly-white blonde-phase black bear sow being courted by a big dark brown boar!

The Launstein family photographers welcoming Ashleigh Scully (US) and her father, Gerry, and guest Josh Burch (UK) to the Wildlife Art Gallery in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. Yes, that’s a dunder mifflin sweatshirt. :)

Ashleigh and Josh are both outstanding photographers with a focus on conservation and a commitment to make a difference through their photography. Jenaya and Ashleigh have both been awarded in Nature’s Best Photography and have had prints selected for exhibit in Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, as well as numerous other awards and recognitions. Josiah, Josh and Ashleigh have been awarded in Wildlife Photographer of the Year, so there were lots of connections and shared experiences between them!

One incredibly talented group of young wildlife and conservation photographers! These photographers have won or been awarded in virtually every major international competition out there!

The best part of our time together was watching the passion this next generation of wildlife and conservation photographers have for the animals they photograph and the wild places they visit. I’m excited to see what comes next for each of them! Be sure to check out their Facebook pages above and follow along with their adventures and special projects!

Ashleigh Scully and Jenaya Launstein. Two young women making a difference in their world through their passion for wildlife and wilderness.

Jenaya and Ashleigh have been friends for several years now after discovering their mutual passion (obsession?) for foxes and owls, connecting online and occasionally in person despite the nearly-4000km between their homes. They have been awarded together in Nature’s Best Photography Awards, Por el Planeta and Birds as Art.

Josh needed a little extra support…good thing a Josiahpod was handy! Josh and Josiah are both Wildlife Photographer of the Year Alumni.

It was a genuine pleasure and honour having Ashleigh, Gerry and Josh for a whirlwind tour of SW Alberta and our home region. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish–and the difference they make–through their photography in the coming years.